DPP probes incident of  uncle who ‘killed’ nephew over insurance

DPP Noordin Hajj,/PHOTO file

Nairobi, KENYA:The Director of public prosecutions Noordin Hajj has ordered the Directorate of criminal investigations to probe into an incident where a man from Kagundo in Machakos county is alleged to have killed his nephew in order to benefit from his insurance monies.

In a statement issued on Sunday evening, The DPP warned that those found culpable of obstructing justice would face the full force of the law.

“The DPP attention has been drawn to a new feature appearing on @citizentvkenya prime time news in regard to the Kangundo incident. Due to the nature of the case, the DPP has directed that immediate legal steps be taken to ensure justice is done. @DCI_Kenya” The DPP wrote on Sunday evening.

“DPP further wishes to inform the public that obstruction of due process is serious criminal offense & any person who will be found culpable shall face the full force of the law.” The DPP added.

The DPP’s action follows an expose dubbed Bima ya Mauti which aired on Citizen TV where former Jubilee insurance employee, Evans Musyoki is alleged to have killed his nephew Eric Makau Musyoka in order to benefit from his life insurance policy .

Evans an insurance employee who is still working as an insurance agent for ICEA lion group is alleged to have listed himself as Eric’s next of kin so as to benefit from his insurance policy.

According to Matilda Mbessa the sister to the deceased, the two had in January 2013 argued in a bar in Nairobi and a year later  Eric was found dead with postmortem showing that his death was as a result of blunt trauma force on his head.

Despite having spent the whole day together, Evans denies that he was the last person who was seen with the deceased.

Three weeks later, Evans is said to have submitted a fake death certificate demanding quick payments on the insurance claiming he was to travel outside the country to study.

Despite the existence of arrest warrant for Evans that was issued in August 2017, Evans was only arrested once after a cat and mouse games with journalists where he demanded the investigating journalists conduct the interview in a police station.

However, on the material day he was to be arraigned in court, the suspect was released with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Kagundo saying that the necessary documents required to arraign him in court had gone missing.