Only blows will end my beef with Demakufu!! Vows VJ Chris

Mombasa VJ Chris. He has vowed to beat up Demakufu when they meet./PHOTO/Baraka FM

Mombasa,KENYA: Celebrated Mombasa street king VJ Chris is not yet done with Nairobi based DJ Demakufu.

The beef that started in 2017, seems to be far from over. Vj Chris dreams of squaring out with his bitter rival.

Vj Chris who doubles up as a Dj for Coast leading station Baraka fm, has vowed to physically beat Demakufu anywhere he meets him, alluding confidence of teaching him a lesson.

“If I see him even today, I will go straight to him and punch him silly!” thundered Vj Chris.

However, when pressed to say what the beef is, Chris remained tight lipped.

The Vj who still has Demakufu’s  digits on his contact list, denied rumours that the beef was about a Woman.

“There is no Woman. Its personal between me and him, but let me tell you this, I will beat him up anywhere i meet him,” he said.

“Why would I delete his number? I still have all my enemies contacts,” added the VDJ.

Could the two celebrity Djs be fighting over supremacy?

“NO!! Demakufu is way below my league,” exclaimed Chris.

Editing by Joyce Jura