Mombasa Island status in the balance


Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa risks losing its island status if operations at Kibarani road continue, Mombasa Senator Mohammed Faki has warned.

Speaking to Baraka Fm, Faki said that there was need for the government to build a mega bridge which will connect the island and Mombas West so as to enhance transportation in the area.

He warned that the state of Mombasa as an island will cease to exist because operations across Kibarani road are eroding it.

“We need to build a bridge just like we did in Nyali ,because that way it will preserve Mombasa as an island,” Faki said.

“At the moment we cannot say it is an island completely because of the fact that from the course way it has almost killed the island on this other side ,we need to do a proper bridge to allow Mombasa to retain its status as an island,” he added.

He too warned that existence of the road is detrimental to environmental conservation.

“In order to conserve the environment they build a bridge across the Makupa course way ,because at the moment the water from the other side of Kenya meat Commission cannot pass to the other side,” Faki said.

“We need to allow the flow of that water so as the sea can cleanse itself and we have no impediments to navigation,” he added.

The senator also pointed that the bridge will minimise accidents at Kibarani which has seen numerous accidents and loss of life and also affecting travelers heading to and from upcountry, Moi international airport and SGR ‘s Mombasa terminus.