Sugar  Saga: Government chemist snubs parliamentary summons again!

Some of the sugar at the DCI headquarters Nairobi, government chemist The failed to appear before the a parliamentary committee a second time PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:Parliament is on the receiving end after the multi agency including interior ministry and government chemist failed to appear before the joint committee on trade and Agriculture probing the sugar saga in the country.

Addressing the media upon realizing that the witnesses did not show up, chair Kanini Kega and his co chair Ali Adan said that the committee will carry on finalizing the reports without the input of the multi agency.

Kega said that the committee decided so, due to unlimited time and deadlines of the sugar report which is due on Wednesday next week.

The chair said that the committee received a letter from the multiagency team indicating that the witnesses will not be able to appear before the committee as scheduled due to short notice from committee’s end.

“From where I sit, I think Kenyans are waiting the report, parliament is waiting for a report, and I think a time has come that now we proceed finally to do the final report as guided by the speaker, who gave us until Wednesday, of next week to file our report.”Kega said

“And we will do it with the information that we have.”He added

On Wednesday, cracks emerged within the committee when Machakos women rep Joyce Kamene tasked the chairs to elucidate whether, the government chemist was a round parliament ,insisting that he was seen around    parliament premises but later left.

The issue generated heat within the committee forcing the chair to adjourn the meeting and reschedule it to Thursday.