Were deadly flying snakes spotted in Kilifi?


Mombasa,KENYA:Over the past few hours the internet has been awash with a circular warning people against visiting the Boabob Sea Lodge in Kilifi over the presence of flying snakes.

The memo purporting to have been written by the KWS director Kilifi county was warning a certain vice chancellor against visiting the resort on 22nd July as three ‘ Anaconda breed’ flying snakes had been spotted in the beach.

“Three poisonouss snakes have been spotted by the beach, the snakes are able to fly,” Read part of the memo.

The chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federation Mohamed Hersi has since said that the notice was fake much to  the relief of many social media users who had seen the notice.

But are there flying snakes in Kenya?

There are five species of Chrysopelea which is  the only flying snake.

The species are found in  the rain forests of South East Asia  where they fling themselves on trees and are able to glide from one tree to the other.

The are harmless to humans as they feed on rodents , frogs and birds. The snakes are mildly venomous meaning their venom only works to weaken their soft preys of frogs and rodents.

According to National geographic, the reptiles have fixed rear fangs  that make them harmless  to humans.

Can Anaconda’s fly?
The Anaconda’s are a group of large snakes found in tropical rainforests of South America.

Although the name is used to refer to a group of snakes , the term Anaconda is used to refer to the Green Anaconda  which is the heaviest and longest existing snake species.

The snakes are non venomous  however the coil around their target prey  killing them.

Anacondas cannot fly.