Zari Hassan promises to visit Vera Sidika’s beauty parlor

Vera Sidika and Zari Hassan hanging out PHOTO COURTESY

Business mogul Zari Hassan has promised to visit newly opened Vera Sidika beauty parlor and spa when she visits Kenya.

Zari who is expected to be in Kenya soon for the A1 entertainment took to social media to congratulate her best friend Vera for the new achievement.

“Congrats Babes….. Will drop in soon” Wrote Zari on Instagram.

Vera in her response termed the accomplishment as a dream come true.

“Yesterday seems surreal, I keep pinching myself because I’m living a dream I’d harbored in my heart and mind for so long. My days of working till 3am have paid off and I finally get to reveal this new business I’ve built from the ground up. I didn’t grow up with everything handed to me, but I chose to rise above my circumstances and work hard to create the businesses of my dreams. This right here is my proudest moment. QUEENVEEBOSSET” shared Vera Sidika.

Among other people who congratulated Vera Sidika include her boyfriend Otile Brown

“Congratulations my love for the tremendous job.. This is one hell of a beauty parlour can’t wait for people to see it. This has to be the coolest beauty parlour in the country.. Soo happy for you cutie, got me emotional coz have seen how far you’ve come with this from the scratch in the past 3weeks and finally here we’re. on my way to the launch” Wrote Otile Brown on Instagram.