Mombasa tourism sector performing dismally despite having top attraction sites


Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa’s tourism sector has been said to be performing poorly compared to Kwale, Malindi and Lamu.

Speaking during the 16th conference of Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers on Thursday, Tourism CS Najib Balala said that Mombasa has not been doing well in the tourism sector despite having more tourist attraction sites.

“The number of tourists in the area that travel to Mombasa each year is very low compared to the other counties. Total security should be maintained during the day and also at night so that people can enjoy themselves at any time whenever they wish.” He noted.

CS Balala encouraged beach cleaning activities in the county that would always keep the beach clean.

Moreover, he promised to buy tractors that would remove weeds in the ocean, hence making the sand beaches clean and more attractive to tourists.

“We are planning to improve game parks and reserves as well as airstrips so that tourists can visit various places on time.” He added.

He also encouraged the county government to co-operate with the national government in improving this sector.

CS Balala encouraged the private sectors to get into partnerships with the different governments so as to create development in tourism.

He has called for the revising of the curriculum of colleges offering hospitality classes so as to churn out professionals who will help promote tourism sector in Kenya.

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