Wolper Stylish confirms romance with Harmonize’s  ‘rival’

Tanzanian actress Wolper Stylish PHOTO COURTESY

Tanzanian Actress Jackline Wolper Stylish has confirmed that she once dated   Tanzanian bongo star Ali Kiba who is an ‘arch-rival’ of her ex-boyfriend Harmonize and other ex-boyfriend cum boss Diamond Platnumz.

Well for starters Harmonize, Diamond and Ali Kiba do not get along.

Though the trio have denied any existence of bad blood between them, their actions speak louder than words with the climax of it all being during the late Tanzanian socialite Agnes Masogange’s funeral and during the Mombasa rocks concert in 2016 that was headlined by American star Chris Brown.

After the Mombasa rocks concert, Ali Kiba blamed his below average short-lived performance on Diamond Platnumz’s manager Salaam SK questioning what Salaam had been doing at the backstage when he was performing.

However, Salaam distanced himself from the allegations urging Ali Kiba to instead apologize to the concert goers over poor performance.

Fast forward to two years later Diamond’s signee Harmonize was caught on camera refusing to greet Ali Kiba despite being seated next to him.

At some point, Tanzanian comedian Idris Sultan once joked that the no of men Wolper dated in 2017 was more than the no of songs Ali Kiba had released in the same year.

And in a new twist of events, Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend Wolper has revealed that she was once in a romantic relationship with recently married Ali Kiba.

Speaking in an interview with East Africa TV Wolper said that Ali Kiba’s relationship was so far the best in all of her relationships.

This comes amidst the on and off drama between Harmonize and his Italian girlfriend Sarah who have been dragging Wolper in their dramatic relationship.

However, Wolper seems to have moved on and was recently caught on camera getting cozy with Kenyan rapper Prezzo during her visit to Kenya.