100,000 households to get free water, electricity in Lamu

People walking on cabro pavements along a beach in Lamu. PHOTO: NATASHA NEMA.

Lamu, KENYA: At least 100,000 households in Lamu will receive free water and electricity installation from the county government.

Lamu governor Fahim Twaha says the move is directed at ending the region’s decade-long hurdle of water scarcity.

Subsequently, the county has allocated Sh.123 Million in the current budget for the water installation exercise.

Another sh.200 Million has been set aside for electricity installation.

Addressing members of the public on Monday, Twaha said the exercise kicks off a few days and is expected to end in three years.

Twaha said the county plans to siphon water from water river Tana and have it purified for domestic use.

He says the move is aimed at resolving the perennial water shortage that continues to bite many parts of Lamu.

“When we came into office, water shortage was among the issues we pledged to resolve. We shall have water from River Tana siphoned and treated so that its used for domestic purposes so that people here can live normal lives,” said Twaha.

The governor also revealed plans to purchase and install electric street lights in the entire county.

He said Sh 200 million already set aside in an exercise that will also see the terror-prone Lamu-Garsen road installed with street lights on a 150-kilometer lane running from Nyongoro all the way to the Mokowe jetty.

“All this is to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists using the road day and night. We will also install street lights from Mtangawanda to Kizingitini, Ndau to Mkokoni and all the way to Kiwayu and Kiunga border of Lamu and Somalia. We intend to ensure Lamu is up and running 24 hours as we prepare it to become the next frontier in business and trade,” said Twaha.