Parents in Kilifi protest over rape incident at Moi Girls

Moi girls school Nairobi PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi, KENYA: Parents and sexual gender-based violence activists in Kilifi took to the streets of Kilifi town to protest over the recent rape incident at Moi Girls School in Nairobi.

They cited solidarity as the main theme of their protest, calling for tough legal actions to be taken against the perpetrators as soon as they are recognized.

The protest was held in Mnarani area, a few miles from Kilifi town, and they held placards with messages condemning the incident.

They raised concerns that they are now worried that such incidences might happen anywhere in the Republic of Kenya, questioning the security of schools and commitment of the school administrations.

Helda Eslii, a parent from Malindi expressed grief over the incident, saying it’s an alarm to every Kenyan to be keen.

“This incident shocked many Kenyans especially from a school of that caliber,” Helda said.

“We are protesting today in solidarity with our fellow parents of the Moi girls’ school students. Our appeal to the Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed is that she must ensure tough legal actions are taken against the perpetrators because it’s saddening that almost every news has such incidences,” she added.

Chilango Dickson, a parent and a Nyumba Kumi initiative ambassador said it’s a disgrace that Sexual Gender Based Violence cases are leading in Kilifi County.

He said the relevant authorities must ensure to come up with ways and means of curbing these cases.

“What happened at Moi Girls School could happen anywhere in this country. And as we all know, Kilifi County is leading in cases of SGBV, something we cannot be proud of at all. My appeal to the government is that the head teacher and all those teachers who were examined of DNA, should all go home and tough actions be taken against them should they be found guilty,” Chilango said.

According to Isabela Mwangi, program officer for CREAW organization Kilifi, statics show that 75 percent of cases in court are of SGBV in Kilifi County.