Akothee:Success is not hereditary


After Diamond’s ex  Zari Hassan advised women that success is not sexually transmitted Akothee “madam boss” had her piece to give too.

Zari had earlier advised women not to take shortcuts in life and not to expect success by clinching on rich men since success is not transmitted sexually.

The self-proclaimed president of single mother, Akothee had her advice as well.

“Success is not hereditary, that why you see women dating rich men has only a lifestyle but with no investments, if they are thrown out or dumped they always start from zero, and even if they get half of the wealth, they won’t sustain it for long because it wasn’t their brain or sweat,” she wrote on Instagram.

Akothee attributes her success to working smart, consistency and self-discipline.

“If I sat down in a corner sympathizing with myself, I would still be broke and sad , nobody would have liked to associate with me, for bitter people are worse than witches, capital doesn’t have to be liquid cash, physical labour is capital on its own, get up and look for something to do , you are healthy with some brains , success will never come knocking at your door, success is earned through hard work working smart consistency and discipline.”

In a different post the “Ayoyo” hit maker wrote of her success journey detailing on importance of listening to advises but making individual decisions.

“I have always received resistance in my life, people around me always thought my ideas were all stupid and childish, all my life I have walked through the Don’ts and Nooos, whenever I shared my ideas with people they looked at me like are you crazy!  I learnt one thing in my life! Taking risks! I am never afraid of the outcome, all I want to see is results, whether positive or negative, the world shaped me this way, I listen to people’s advice but I make decisions according to how I feel it in my stomach, I might look stupid to you, but the difference of theory and practical is RESULTS ! I ask for advice when I already have a decision, so I only listen to your opinion.”

“Do what you can to build and change your life! You are the shoe wearer! We are half way the year 2018 let’s compare notes in January 2019, have you accomplished what you planned God willing? You can’t rotate around one place year come year go there has to be a change, it starts with you”