New regulations for sale of miraa and muguka in Mombasa County

A Miraa trader in Maua , Meru county./COURTESY


Mombasa County will be forming a committee to come up with new regulations for the sale of khat (miraa) and muguka.

Speaking after a meeting with Embu governor Cecily Mbarire, Mombasa Governor Abdullswamad Sheriff Nassir said the new regulations will control the sale of miraa and muguka in the county.

“Our stand as county government is to be able to listen to everyone, we are not doing this to frustrate any county or any business person but a need to protect our children. We have made some regulations and we are going to enforce them,” Mombasa Governor Abullswamad Sheriff Nassir.

Swamad said miraa and muguka sellers will be required to do so 100 meters away from schools, churches, mosques, madrassas and sunday schools.

“The county will work with representatives from Embu and Meru communities who will issue the notices to miraa and muguka sellers. Those near the mentioned facilities will have to close shop, if not then convert the shops and start selling groceries,” said Gov Swamad.

Meanwhile, Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire has supported the move saying that moiaa is a stimulant and should only be used by adults who can make reasonable and objective decisions.

“As the people of Embu County, we fully support the need to regulate the muguka trade here in Mombasa. We are also veri cognisant of the need, which is a moral need, to protect our children from the consumption of this product because it is a stimulant like alcohol,” said Mbarire.

The meeting by the two governors came just a day after Mombasa leaders called for the ban of miraa and muguka sales near schools.

Speaking at parliament buildings in Nairobi, the legislatures supported Governor Swamad’s move to increase taxes on the two products.

The move was also supported by Mombasa Muslim scholars.