Two Mombasa police stations receive computers to help facilitate service delivery

Right to Left: Ms. Charity Kagwi UNODC Head of Criminal Justice Program Eastern Africa, Changamwe OCS Alex Busenei, Mombasa Deputy OCPD Mary Kaimenyi and police officers attached to tChangamwe and Likoni police stations pose for a photo holding one of the printers donated. PHOTO: BRIAN OSWETA.

Mombasa, KENYA: Changamwe and Likoni police stations in Mombasa on Saturday received electronic equipment set to facilitate the delivery of services at the respective stations.

The electronic equipment which was given to the station as a means of helping promote police-community relationships in the fight against crime; comprised of two computers, printers and printing papers.

The electronics were given as part on an ongoing initiative by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime that focuses on bringing media, police and community together focusing on areas of anti- corruption and countering violent extremism.

Speaking during the award ceremony,  UNODC Head of Criminal Justice and Anti-corruption Programme Eastern Africa Charity Kagwi, said this program tries to see how all the stakeholders can come up with solutions to help counter crime and violent extremism.

“What we had here is a dialouge by the media, police and community. We spoke about the need to appreciate police as well as to hold them responsible for people who work with us and for us.” said Ms Kagwi.

She added that they picked on the two police stations as a pilot programme to see if police-community relationships will be improved to help counter violent extremism and terrorism in the community.

The ceremony was attended by various community leaders in the two areas, police officers attached to those areas and the media.

Mombasa County Commander Johnston Ipara who was also in attendance, said that the initiative was as a result of partnership  that was started between the office of the Inspector General and development partners to find better ways of curbing crime and terrorism.

” As you know the world is going digital and that is why  our development partners have also decided to equip the police to meet the aspirations of the people who we are policing who are more digital. As a service, we appreciate what has been done so far and we hope this will yield positive results.” Said Mr, Ipara.

He added that the capacity that is being built among the media, community and police will help build confidence for them to work together and guarantee the safety of each and everyone.

The Programme Countering Violent Extremism through Anti-corruption in Eastern Africa is a  project by UNODC aimed at strengthening trust between the police, media and community in the regions of Nairobi, Mombasa and Zanzibar.

The programme involves the use of Countering Violent Extremism working committees in areas chosen as pilot areas to assist in coming up with ways of fighting corruption and violent extremism.

In Mombasa, the programme is in Likoni and Changamwe constituencies while in Nairobi the programme is being held in Pangani and Shauri Moyo areas.