More than 30 families left homeless in Kadzandani ward, Mombasa due to floods

Kadzandani ward in Bamburi, Mombasa where flood has hit the region. PHOTO: DENNIS MWANGI

Mombasa, KENYA: More than thirty families have been left homeless in Kadzandani ward, Nyali constituency after floods hit the area.

The tragedy which befell the residents at the beginning of the month, saw them being moved to Kadzandani primary grounds and later relocated to Kadzandani hall where they have received food aid and mattress from the county government and the Red Cross Society of Kenya.

Mr. Hezron Katana, the Ward administrator, has said that flooding in the area is not a new thing since the place is swampy with up to five swamps with people residing near Keidi swamp being the most affected.

“Both the county and the national government should allocate enough funds and resources while at the same time come up with disaster management committee to look into calamities whenever they strike especially in swampy areas,” Mr. Katana advised.

Up to now the affected have received food aid which includes maize flour, rice and cooking fat and a 2-inch mattress with a promise of getting bigger mattress latter from Mombasa governor Hassan Joho.

The hall where the displaced residents of Kadzandani have been staying after being affected by floods.

The victims have expressed their worries that the food provided may not last long to cater for all the affected.

According to the victims, the main challenge they are facing in the hall they have camped in is congestion as they sleep four people in the 2inch mattress.

The victims have stated that they are facing challenges in trying to cook since they can’t access firewood with the current weather.

The floods have adversely affected both businesses and school going in the area. Business persons in the area have admitted a decline in the frequency of customers, poor roads which have made it difficult to transport commodities as teachers register low turn up of pupils in classes and poor performance.

According to Kenya Red Cross, nine people have been reported dead in the Coast region ever since floods started to wreak havoc in the coastal counties.

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