64% of cigarettes sold as single sticks are accessible to children,Report warns


Nairobi,KENYA:According to a survey findings released on Thursday,64 percent of cigarettes are sold as single sticks promoting access to children.

Releasing the findings of the survey in Nairobi ,international institute or legislative affairs program officer Emma Wanyonyi said that the sale of single sticks of the product makes it affordable and accessible to children.

She said such acts are taking place despite the fact that Section 18 of the tobacco act of 2007 provides that no person shall sell except package containing atleast ten cigarettes.

“Many retailers of tobacco products are unaware of the existing legislation and therefore end up selling in single sticks.”Wanyonyi said

She warned that tobbaco use is a major contributor to a growing burden of non communicable diseases which contribute to 50 percent to 70 percent of all hospital admissions and 55 percent of mortality .

According to the findings some of the Causes of such tendencies include lack of awareness among the retailers and lack of enforcement.

He urged the government to formulate and implement the stringent laws in order to curb the vice.