Githurai policeman sentenced to 15 years over murder of suspected robber


Nairobi,KENYA:The high court has sentenced a Githurai police officer Titus Musila alias Katitu, for 15 years in prison.

The famous cop was found guilty of killing Kenneth Kimani Mwangi a suspected robber at Githurai bus Terminus in the year 2013.

Justice James Wakianga demonstrated by saying that the former police officer will serve 8 years in custody and 3 years in probation after considering the 4 years Katitu has been in prison.

The judge argued that the deceased was implicated as notorious thug whereas, he did not deserve to die in the manner in which he was killed.

“The officer should have protected the suspect by arresting him if it was true that he was a robber,” the judge said.

He also added that the popularity of Katitu was as a result of media attention as they were pursuing the case.

“The trial was not about the popularity of Katitu or whether the person he shot was a well-known robber or whether he killed the victim’s brother but about the unlawful use of a firearm.”

Wakianga further added that, it’s was very unlawful for an officer to use his fire arms to take the life of an individual, instead he should have introduced himself and give a clear warning before taking the initiative of killing the suspect.

The high court judge further said that no officer is allowed to take life of an individual unless prescribed by in the law.

He added that the case had just attracted media attention and had nothing to do with Katitu’s popularity.

The judge argued that the policeman (Katitu) should have identified himself and warn the suspect before proceeding with the action he took because no officer is allowed to take life of an individual unless prescribed by in the law.

Katitu shot into the limelight in 2013 after hundreds of Githurai residents, in support of the operation to wipe out criminals in the area, blocked Thika Superhighway for a week protesting his arrest.