Mboko denies rigging claims as she testifies in petition challenging her seat

Mishi Mboko at the Mombasa Law Courts. FILE/PHOTO

Mombasa, KENYA: Likoni Member of parliament Mishi Juma Mboko has denied claims that she had a hand in rigging of elections during the August 2017 polls.

Testifying in Mombasa court on Monday, Ms. Mboko said that she did not manipulate the results of Likoni constituency and that she was declared a winner after she got majority of the votes cast.

Mboko further denied allegations that some of his agents were arrested for allegedly bribing voters to vote in favour of Mishi Mboko.

“Your lordship I am not aware that some of my agents were arrested and booked at Inuka police station in Likoni,” Said Mboko.

Former Likoni MP Mwahima Masoud Mwalimu had alleged that two of her agents were arrested and charged in a Mombasa court for alleged voter bribing and their release was secured by Mboko.

“You honour how can I secure the release of the people I don’t know and I was not aware if they were arrested.” Added Mboko.

Earlier, Mwahima had told the court that the results were counted in the dark after power went off in Likoni constituency.

He further claimed that Mboko was behind it in order to allow rigging of elections.

However, Mboko said she cannot remember if the power went off during the exercise but she was in Likoni during the counting of votes.