Senate legal committee set to investigate human rights abuse during election period

Police chase after a demonstrator during the ant-iebc demos. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: The newly elected Legal Affairs Senate committee chair has said that the issue of human rights abuses during the last elections is among key issues it will tackle as parliament resumes mid next month.

In a media briefing at parliamentary buildings after being elected the chair of the committee, Nandi Senator Samson Charkey and his  vice chair Meru  Senator Mithika Liunturi said that the committee will pursue human rights abuses which might have transpired before and after the last general election.

Charkey said that his committee will work hand in hand with human rights organizations which include, Kenya National on Human rights Commissions in order to bring to book the perpetrators who were involved in such violations.

“The conduct of people during elections, we also had human rights issues, like there was perpetration of human rights abuses during and after elections,” Charkey said

He said that the committee will also tackle any human rights abuses in the counties in order to uphold justice across the country.

They pledged to ensure that the sovereign power of the people of Kenya especially during elections will be protected by enhancing amendments related to elections early enough to avert last-minute rush during electioneering period.

The committee, in the long run, will tackle the issue of the peoples Assembly to ascertain whether it has any legal backing.

“The issue now we will look at as a committee is its legality and illegality, we are not wishing it away. As a committee we will look into it and we will guide Kenyans accordingly.”Charkey said

Mandera Senator Mohamed Maalim was elected unopposed as the chairperson of the Senate’s most powerful committee on Finance and budget.

He will be deputized by nominated Senator Issack Mwaura who was also elected unopposed.

Addressing the media after the elections both the senators pledged that the committee will do proper scrutiny of monies sent to county governments.

Meanwhile, Laikipia Senator John Kinyua has been elected as the chairman of the Senate’s committee on devolution and intergovernmental relations. He will be deputized by Tana River senator Wario Golich Juma.