Matatu owners urged to implement new recommendations to reduce road carnage

MOA Chairperson Simon Kimutai addressing journalist on political temperature in the country. Behind are the new Traffic Marshals. FILE/PHOTO:

Nairobi, KENYA: Matatu Owners Association has come up with recommendations which if implemented by the Matatu Sector will reduce road carnage in the coming years.

Addressing members of the press in Nairobi on Thursday, MOA Chairman, Simon Kimutai pointed out that all Saccos should have a command centre fully equipped so that they can monitor their vehicles round the clock as a way of reducing congestions as vehicles entering or leaving the town will be controlled.

Kimutai proposed that there should be a way of confirming that drivers are changed after the required hours of driving to reduce fatigue-related accidents for long distance operators.

“We suggest a card with the two driver’s photographs. When they interchange, an entry is made by a supervisors or inspectors from the saccos or company. The enforcement agents will be able to check whether they exchanged driving or not.” Said Kimutai.

He added that Psv vehicles that travel for over 200 kilometers should be inspected by the sacco/company mechanic prior to commencing the journey and an entry made in a log book that will always be in the vehicle. This calls for every Sacco/company to have its own garage or outsource a mechanic from a reputable firm.

They are also proposing that the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to have a research department which will do research on major causes of accidents and come up with ways of addressing the vice.

Other recommendations include:

The number of vehicles required for PSV Sacco or company to be licensed should be increased so that the small Saccos will merge with the big ones to avoid a lot of competition which breeds cartels.

Psv vehicles to have a diversion at Kibunja and join the highway after Saalga, to avoid the hilly stretch where accidents have been happening previously.

Saccos and companies to do a proper classification of drivers before deployment based on familiarity with the area and preferred hours of driving.

Saccos and companies that do not have a customer’s feedback system as required by the NTSA act should have it in place with immediate effect. The customer care number should be displayed conspicuously in all Psv vehicles.

This action comes after many Kenyans have lost their loved ones through accidents that have so far taken more than 400 lives in the month of December 2017 only.