Visitors coming to Lamu for festivities asked to exercise caution

People walking on cabro pavements along a beach in Lamu. PHOTO: NATASHA NEMA.

Lamu,KENYA: Visitors who are coming to Lamu for the Christmas festivities have been asked to be cautious whenever they venture out to swim at sea in order to avoid any disasters.

Lamu County KMA inspector Alexander Munga said many visitors who come to Lamu during such festivities normally don’t have the experience of swimming at sea but insist on doing it anyway.

He said such a move was suicidal.

Speaking in his office on Wednesday, Munga asked visitors to seek the help of local divers whenever they wish to try out swimming at sea instead of embarking on such a mission alone.

He said locals will be able to show them where and when to swim and not to in the Indian ocean.

Munga also urged visitors to resist the urge to swim in areas known for rough tides and especially keep an eye on young children who can easily be tempted to swim in such places something he said could be disastrous.

“The festive season is here and as usual we are seeing an increase in the number of visitors coming in for that.We are however concerned about swimming fanatics and we are urging them to resist the urge to go swimming at sea if they have never done it before.Rely on locals so they can show you which parts are safer for swimming and at what time instead of doing it all alone.That could be dangerous.Keep an eye on children, they can easily slip away and fall in trouble,” said Munga.

Munga also warned boat operators and all seafarers against contravening maritime rules during this festive period when their services are much needed by visitors coming into the county.

He said the KMA shall not take it easy on such persons and that they shall face the full wrath of the law if found.

“I know this is also the time when boat operators will want to operate carefree but they should know we are watching and won’t spare them.Maritime rules must be observed to the latter,” said Munga.

He said the KMA will work closely with the maritime police in the county to ensure all maritime rules are adhered to.