Three children arrested over suspected electronic theft in Tana River

Tana River,KENYA:Police officers in Hola town Tana River County have arrested three children of between 7 years and 13 years of age alleged to have broken into an electronic shop over the weekend.

Speaking to Baraka Fm Tana River Sub – county OCPD Mr. Sylvester Githungo said the three suspects broke into a phones accessories shop before the arrest in Hola Market.

The three who are suspected to be part of a cartel of many other children and some adults were arrested by the police after a source notified the police of the items they were in possession of.

Mr. Githungo said the three boys have been breaking into businesses in town, causing an outcry from business people over huge losses.

“These have been notorious thieves in this town. As much as we may have thought we were facing some grown-ups to be involved, this is what has come to our shock. It is very unfortunate,” said Mr. Githungo.

The boys are said to have been planning their ploy to rob a shop with a few others, covering their plans with a game of soccer just close to the shops.

On every weekend, they would camp around a targeted shop, fix a game, and while other played stealing the attention of people around, others would break into the shops and steal.

“They are a group, but these are the brains behind the entire plan. While others divert attention with the game, they brake in and steal,” added the OCPD.

The boys are said to have swept the phone accessories shop clean with  the items later being  recovered from them, with many others missing.

The three boys are also faced with another charge of breaking into a shop, a case that still awaits hearing at the Hola Magistrates court.

The boys are alleged to have broken into another shop a few months ago. They were arrested and arraigned in court, but were later released on a cash bond.

However, Mr. Githungo thought the boys may just be part of a cartel headed by some adults and a serious threat to the society if in any case they were the brains behind the entire robbery.

“This seems to be just part of the whole thing, but if they are the brains behind this whole thing, being that they are facing many other charges already in court, then the society has a gang in the making, something to take seriously,” Said Mr. Githungo

The three are locked up at the Hola Police station and will be arraigned in Garsen court.