Tezo MCA wins petition case in Kilifi


Kilifi, KENYA: Tezo ward Member of County Assembly Thomas Chengo has won a petition lodged against him by the former MCA Cosmus Foleni.

The petition was lodged to Kilifi Law Courts in September where Foleni accused Chengo of stealing votes meant for him.

Speaking outside the Kilifi Law Courts after the ruling by Senior Resident Magistrate Robinson Ondiek on Friday, the defendant’s lawyer Charles Nyamwange hailed the ruling saying it was fare and justice had prevailed.

He said the petitioner had no strong evidence to prove his case and now Chengo has been declared the rightful winner of the August 8 general elections.

“I am very grateful that we won this case. It was not easy but at long last justice has prevailed and now judge R.J Ondiek has made his ruling in the rightful and justifiable manner,” Nyamwange said.

“The petitioner had many complaints but unfortunately he had no strong grounds to defend his complaints. As a lawyer you are happy if you win a case and today it’s a historic day in my career,” he added.

The independent’s candidate supporters turned up in large numbers to celebrate their leader’s win outside the Kilifi law Courts.

They said they had hope that they would win the case because they knew Chengo was elected rightfully by the people of Tezo ward.

Philip Thoya, one of the supporters expressed his delight on the win saying he anticipates developments in the Ward unlike the past regime where no developments were done.

“I am very happy today after what we have been waiting for, for the past months has now come to an end in our favor,” Thoya said.

“We are now anticipating a lot of development projects in Tezo Ward unlike the past leadership. God has a reason for all this,” he added.