Kiraithe issues stern warning to those participating in NASA’s People’s Assemblies

Government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe at a past media briefing .PHOTO/ FILE

Nairobi, KENYA: The government has issued a stern warning to anybody that will be attending unlawful assemblies called by the opposition leaders of the National Super Alliance (NASA).

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe while addressing the media on Thursday in Nairobi, pointed out that every meeting called with an aim of an unlawful purpose is by law an unlawful assembly and any person caught in the middle of it will face the full force of law.

“I wish to inform Kenyans that every meeting called in furtherance of an unlawful purpose is by law an unlawful assembly. Any person attending such unlawful assembly should expect the full force of the law to be applied against them.” He warned.

He added that those members of county assembly (MCAs) that supports the people’s assemblies bill, should not be using government resources to enhance their ambitions as such is regarded as unlawful.

He also said that some opposition leaders are busy talking about resistance movement which in a bigger way is bankrupting the long-term investments’ the government had worked so hard to encourage.

“Expanding the county economies is the only way to deal with the economic marginalization of all the areas of the country and hence actualize the intended benefits of devolution.” He added.

Kiraithe further urged the opposition leaders to humble themselves and work with the government to harness the productive potential of the people so that Kenya can be ranked equally with other developed countries in the world. of leadership.

Some of the counties that passed the peoples assemble bill include; Siaya, Homabay, Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, Kilifi, and Makueni.