More More than 60% Kenyans opposed to supreme court amendment ,Research reveals

Supreme Court judges . PHOTO/FILE.

Mombasa,KENYA:More than 60% of Kenyans are opposed to the cutting of powers conferred to the supreme court, A research conducted by research firm Ipsos synovate has revealed.

The study conducted between October 14 and 22 that sampled 2,006 respondents revealed that 62 % of Kenyans would not support the amendment to slash powers of the supreme court with over 30% of those interviewed saying they would.

Out of those interviewed 82% of NASA supporters would not favor an amendment while 12% would while among Jubilee supporters those who supported and opposed among jubilee supporters stood at 46%.

61% of those sampled felt that the September 1st ruling that annulled president Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 1 win reflected the will of majority of Kenyans while 39% felt that the ruling did not reflect the will of majority of Kenyans.

68% of the respondents felt that the ruling was largely inclined on the basis of the evidence produced in court while 28% felt the ruling was based on the judges political inclination.

59% of those interviewed expressed confidence on the supreme court to deliver a fair judgement in regards to the presidential petitions currently filed at the court while 21% felt that political and financial interference would interfere with the ruling of the court.

The results of the research which were released on Tuesday had a 95% degree of confidence and a +/-2.16 sampling error.