Beef alert ! Wema Sepetu vs Irene Uwoya over ‘fake wedding’

Wema Sepetu in green and Irene Uwoya in orange during a past function PHOTO COURTESY

Two weeks ago we reported that Bongo movies star Irene Uwoya had gotten married to an upcoming Bongo rapper Dogo Janja in a Swahili wedding in the Mbezi beach neighborhood of Dares Salaam.

However a couple of Tanzanian entertainment newssites have dismissed the wedding as a sham questioning why none of their relatives on celebrity friends attended.

Reports are now emerging that the wedding was actually have preview of an upcoming telenovela  to be co-starred by both Uwoya and Janja.

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Reports also indicate that the telenovela has  worsened the bitter blood between Wema and Uwoya who do not see eye to eye.

Word doing rounds in Tanzania is that the telenovela was supposed to be produced by Wema Sepetu in a deal worth Tsh 400 milliion (Ksh 18.4 M) .

However Uwoya allegedly went behind Wema’s back  and promised to produce the telenovela at a cheaper price  of Tsh 200M(Ksh 9.2 M).

Reports also indicate that Wema’s fans on social media have warned Uwoya not to cross them over the matter.

Wema has since told a Tanzanian newspaper that its true that she had such a deal, however she  refused to reveal if indeed the deal has anything to do with Uwoya.

Uwoya on her part has denied being caught up in such matter.