Communications Authority urges Kenyans not to boycott products

Communications Authority director general Francis Wangusi PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:The communications Authority of Kenya has urged Kenyans to take not to be influenced by politics to boycott products from certain companies.

In a statement to news rooms written by Director general, the authority says the boycott may hurt an industry that has taken years of hard work to build.

“We would like to encourage Kenyans to take advantage of the choice of services available in the vibrant ICT market without undue pressure from any quarter. We call upon leaders across the political spectrum to avoid making utterances that may dampen the investment climate in the country, hurt jobs in the local ICT sector and ultimately compromise the quality of life for the mwananchi.” Reads part of the statement.

The authority said that the ICT sector has created more than 2 million jobs and contributed to the more than 6.1% growth in GDP of the country’s economy.

The authority has further encouraged the NASA coalition to channel their election related grievances to the relevant authorities.
Last week the NASA coalition called for the boycott of products from several companies including telecommunications giant Safaricom, manufacturing company Bidco and milk processing company Brookside on allegations that they had facilitated the rigging of the August 8th elections.