Man killed by stray bullet in Changamwe


Mombasa, KENYA:  A 35-year-old man in Changamwe was hit by a stray bullet resulting to his death on Tuesday evening.

According to Changamwe police boss peter Omwana the deceased who was in a passenger matatu heading to Changamwe, was hit by astray bullet at a roadblock after police had tried to stop the matatu.

He said the officers manning the road black had tried to stop the matatu for a routine check, but the driver sped off prompting police to fire a bullet to deflate the tyres.

He added that they had received information that the vehicle might have been carrying criminals and they wanted to check.

He died on the spot.

“The other passengers in the said vehicle escaped,we have interrogated the officers but we still need the passengers who were in the said vehicle,” said police boss.