Davido accused of dumping his friend’s corpse in hospital

Nigerian singer Davido PHOTO COURTESY

Nigerian singer David Adeleke alias Davido is on the spotlight over allegedly abandoning his friend when he needed him the most.

According to Nigerian actress Caroline Danjuma, Davido’ and his crew abandoned their friend one Tagbo Umeike moments after he passed on in Davido’s car.

The actress has further accused the singer of peddling rumors that the deceased was a drunkard adding that they covered themselves in caps when they took Tagbo’s body to a hospital and ran off.

However the singer’s entourage has claimed that the late Tagbo drank himself to death during his birthday party at a bar in Lagos in which the singer had earlier made an appearance further sharing a video of the deceased wallowing in Alcohol a few hours before his death with someone urging him in the background to slow down .

Sources close to the deceased also claim that he spent the afternoon in Davido’s house a few hours before his party.

Davido himself has termed the allegations as not true in a series on  posts on his snapchat account.

“I was deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of my friend Tagbo. First and foremost, my sincere condolences and prayers are with his family at this time. I’ve been in the same position before, multiple times and also recent.” Davido wrote.

“But it is also disappointing that false information and complete lies have been put out there using my name, as usual. Out of total respect for Tagbo and his family, I will not discuss this matter further for now.” Davido added.