Omar wants IEBC ordered to produce Joho’s degree certificate


Mombasa, KENYA: Former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar Sarai has requeated the court to order IEBC to produce a copy of the degree certificate presented by Mombasa govenor  Ali Hassan  Joho before he was cleared to contest for the gubernatorial seat.

Mr.Omar also wants all the diaries from 934 polling stations in Mombasa produced and also allowed to access the KIEMs kit and form 37A used to declare the gubernatorial results handed to him.
Omar who filed a petition in Mombasa high court to challenge the victory of Joho, now intends to use what his application is seeking court to grant him as  evidence.
Through his lawyer Yusuf Abubakar,Omar also wants the court to allow the scrutuny and re count of gubernatorial results.
He has further asked the court to give him a soft and hard copy of registered voters in Mombasa,the written statements by all the presiding officers and returning officer during the election period.
Joho had filed an application on 26th September seeking court to strike the petition challenging his victory but Omar had not responded to it.
Lady justice Lydia Chode has given Omar five days to respond to Joho’s application seeking removal of the petition.