Vanessa Mdee’s sister makes a comeback in showbiz!

Namtero Mdee during her days at KTN PHOTO COURTESY

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee’s sister who was once a TV presenter in Kenya is now a gospel singer.

Namtero mdee who once hosted the Straight Up show alongside DJ Kaytrixx between 2010 and 2012 left the show to get married in her home country Tanzania.

Unconfirmed reports indicate Namtero’s family was initially opposed to her marriage to pastor Hebron Kisamo of Calvary Temple Church in Arusha as he was allegedly married to another lady Dativa Mathew.

Fast forward 5 years later Namteroo is back to showbiz business but now as a gospel singer.

Namtero who now goes by the name Nancy Hebron released her first hit single ‘Taa ya miguu’ a few days ago.

However Namtero has since ditched her skimpy dressing and now dresses more conservatively while at the same time adding some weight.

Namtero joins her sisters Vanessa and Mimi Mars both of whom are musicians.

Check out Namtero’s hit single below: