I have a problem with Supreme court judges not Abagusii community,Uhuru Kenyatta

President uhuru Kenyatta at a past state address PHOTO/FILE

Nairobi,KENYA:President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the Supreme Court judges revealing that he feels bitter his victory was stolen.

Speaking in Nakuru state lodge when he met members of the Abagusii community on , Kenyatta said the courts punished him for a crime he did not commit.

“Maraga and his people (judges) robbed me of victory in broad daylight. I am not happy at all’, he stated.

Kenyatta said he won fair and square and that chief justice David Maraga was wrong to nullify his victory based on technicalities.

“How can your cow be stolen and when the case goes to court, you are told the cow will remain with the thief because you did not fill a p3 form?,’ posed Kenyatta.

He said he doesn’t have any personal issue with Justice Maraga nor his Abagusii community but was angry with the ruling.

“The judges should have ordered all ballot boxes be taken to Kasarani stadium for vote recount instead of nullifying my victory. I was robbed in broad daylight. I am angry with the judges, not members of Gusii community”, he stated.

The delegation pledged to support Kenyatta during the fresh presidential polls slated for next month.