Susumila denies promoting Illuminati in new song

A controversial promotional cover to one of Susumila's songs PHOTO COURTESY

Coast based leading artiste Susumila has distanced himself from claims that he has sought dark powers that have seen him climb the musical ladder and top charts.

This was after the rapper released a song titled tebwere where he is said to praise dark forces for steering his fame.

The phrase Tebwere is apparently a common phrase by witch doctors.

In the song he goes to tell his fans not to mind what others will say if they ever desire of becoming successful and blasts artists in Mombasa who he claims are living in the slums.

“Majanga ni msanii kuishi nyumba tenga mbili” (It’s a shame for artistes to live in houses where rent in sh 2000) Susumila raps in the song.

However speaking to a local publication, the singer has rubbished off the allegations saying that his success was as a result of hardwork.

I work hard boss, silali nahangaika. Kama umechunguza I’m very consistent in my work, I push my music alot kwa sababu ndio njia pekee inayolipa bills zangu. Hata vitabu vya dini vinasema asiyefanya kazi asile,”

( I work hard boss I don’t sleep enough.If you have done your research  I am very consistent in my work ,I push my music a lot because its my only source of income.Even religion states that lazy people should not eat) Susumila said.

This is not the first time the crooner is being accused of being assisted by dark forces.

In 2015 after his former musical partner Chikuzee accused Susumila of trying to kill him through accidents and harboring a white chair in his house which no one was allowed to sit on.