Food insecurity to worsen in Tana River in September

A combine harvester harvesting maize at the Galana-Kulalu scheme in Tana River PHOTO COURTESY

Tana River,KENYA:Food insecurity is expected to worsen in Tana River county in the period of the next 3 months.

This is according to a research conducted by the  Kenya food security steering group.

According to the report Tana  north sub-county is set to be worst affected by the food insecurity with factors contributing to the food insecurity being  poor pasture and increase in livestock migration while Tana delta would be the least affected.

“The County has had three successive failed seasons and hence food security situation will worsen as the peak of dry season is experienced in the month of September before the onset of the short rains. Several parts of the county are likely to deteriorate to crisis (IPC phase 3), especially Madogo, Bangare, Hirimani in the Tana north sub county and Sala ward and Wayu ward in Tana River sub-county. Due to heavy concentration of livestock in Tana delta, conflict and disease outbreak may arise hence need to actively monitor the situation” Reads part of the report.

The report further recommends  a number of  long term solutions to solve the problem which include takeover of the takeover of the Bura water works  from the National irrigation board to the Tana River water and sanitation company, construction of a market center in Mandogo in Tana  North.