(Video)  Did Diamond platnumz propose to Zari?


Well it seems that after all the drama in their relationship; Diamond Platinumz has finally decided to make it official with her baby mama Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

This is if a video doing rounds is anything to go by.

According to the video initially shared by Zari on snapchat then reshared by Diamond platnumz on Instagram , Zari is seen flaunting a huge ring with  with freshly applied heena on her arms and feet.

In most cases in the Swahili culture which Diamond platnumz which grew up in heena is sometimes applied by brides who are about to get married.

The new development has sparked excitement among the power couples fans in East Africa most of whom have been quick to congratulate them.

However it is not known if a real proposal and engagement took place as .

If indeed a real engagement took place details about the wedding are yet to be revealed but last year the mother of five revealed to a Tanzanian media outlet that the real reason she had not yet gotten married was because she was taking time to plan a huge budget and colourful wedding.

This comes a few weeks after Diamond Platnumz’s alleged sidechick Hamisa Mobeto hinted that the Salome hitmaker that Diamond had fathered her soon whom she has named after him.

Diamond Platnumz’s father later urged Diamond to marry both Hamisa and Zari

See the video below;