571 rolls of marijuana worth sh.150,000 found hidden in tank


Kilifi, KENYA: Police in Watamu have seized Marijuana  worth sh. 150,000 hidden in a tank.

The 571 Marijuana rolls were recovered in a house by police following a tip off from residents.

Malindi police chief Matawa Muchangi said they received a tip off from public which prompted his officers to launch an operation which led to recovery of the rolls Friday night.

He said a man suspected to be the owner of the house escaped police dragnet and is currently being hunted down.

“We got information from good Samaritan who volunteered information to us and that’s when we raid the house and recovered the marijuana,”said police boss.

He said the Marijuana was stored in  a 250 litre-tank and well sealed.

He lauded members of public for volunteering information saying the officers will intensify patrols in order to curb crime in the area.

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