Governors warned against firing county workers unlawfully


Nairobi,KENYA:The government has issued a stern warning to governors who intend to sack employees who failed to back them during campaigns in the just concluded August polls terming it as a gross violation of the constitution.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi on Thursday, government spokesman Eric Kiraithe ,said that its unconstitutional and against  the employment act to discontinue anyone from attending his/her assigned duties just because he did not exercise his vote loyalty to the governor.

“Article 47 of the constitution provides that every person has a right to administrative action that is lawful,reasonable and procedural fair.The employment Act expressly protects employees against dismissal on grounds of their political opinion and affiliations.”Said Kiraithe.

He pointed out that, any employee has a right to elect whoever he feels like as its their Democratic right to do so and should not be forced on what will enact other repercussions in future.

He further calls on them to preach unity and cohesiveness that will drive this country forward in terms of development.

” The government must therefore quickly shed their political cloak of ruthless competitors and quickly pick the mantle of leadership of their counties in particular and Kenya at large.” Noted Kiraithe.

On the other hand,Kiraithe, slammed members of Parliament for their greedy expression that their salaries should not be slashed as proposed by the Salary and remuneration commission earlier,urging them to respect institutions that has been mandated by the constitution to work independently.

The government spokesman,noted that the government is working in every means possible to support institutions mandated to work independently and should salary be increased,it must be simultaneously due to economic growth of the country that will open many avenues of making money.

This comes as many governors across the counties have been on limelight claiming to punish those workers that went against electing them in the elections.