Ex-police officers among MRC members who surrendered to authorities in Mombasa


Mombasa,KENYA:At least 15 ex-police officers are among 80 MRC members who surrendered to authorities in Likoni on  Thursday, security officials said.
The members have been operating in Kaya forest in Matuga which is the epicenter of the  MRC group and home of MRC chairman Omar Mwamwuadzi.
The members served in various police forces and ranks in the country, according to Amkeni peace initiative lobby group which acts as mediator between the group and local authorities.

The group members surrendered to authorities at Likoni social hall in Likoni sub-county in the presence of Likoni DCC Erick Mulevu,OCPD Benjamin Rotich ,DCIO Henry Ndombi  and human rights groups.

Ali Mwachibagaya  a father of two and who led the youth group in the forest talked on behalf of the members, giving tales and testimonies of what he underwent for five years in the forest.

“I was dismissed from the force in 1992,my last working station was in Moiben in Uasin Ngishu county,after that I came back home in Kwale and after a few days MRC president Omar Mwamwuadzi approached me to join the group,”said Mr Ali.

He said he was a youth leader and and served as a bodyguard to chairman Omar Mwamwuadzi.

Ali regretted being in the group saying he wasted a lot of time.He blame the MRC officials for failing to  follow correct channels to fight for their rights.

Amkeni peace initiative coordinator Abdulahi Mkulu an ex police officer and also  a MRC member  said the coordination with the members has been going well and they are making sure all the members surrender and are integrated into the society.

He said Matuga ,Msambweni  Likoni and Kinango in Kwale county are  areas of interests where hundereds of MRC  members reside.

“We are in consultations with the executive, though they are still pushing their agenda in courts but we will make sure they come back to society and persue their agendes using other avenues,”said Mr Ali.

Likoni deputy county commissioner Erick Mulevu said much has been done  to bring back the group to the society.

“The MRC remnants are reforming and they are ready to work with security officers, those who are not abiding the security calls,police are following them closely,”said the DCC.

Likoni was one of the areas mapped as  a hotspot before the August polls.

MRC,Watalia,Wakalikwanza and Wajuku wa bibi gang members were among the groups feared and suspected to have been planning to disrupt elections in the area.