Lamu governor elect pledges support in establishing KDF camp


Lamu, KENYA: Lamu county governor elect Fahim Twaha has pledged to push for the establishment of a KDF base around the Boni forest in Lamu county.

Twaha said he will support the national government in all means possible in order to ensure the issue of insecurity in the county is eliminated.

Years back,the national government had sought permission from the county government to allocate 10 square kilometer of land for the establishment of a military base in Pandanguo area Lamu West.

Speaking in Lamu on Tuesday,Twaha said his predecessor had frustrated the plan without putting in mind the security of the people of Lamu first.

Twaha said his government will be committed to improving security in the County and promised to cooperate and support the security apparatus and the national government with the sole goal of ensuring a secure and safe environment for the people and visitors to the county.

He said security was the key catalyst for development and that his government would ensure there was adequate measures taken to ensure peace and stability for the development of Lamu.

“I understand security is key for development and that’s why I will support the establishment of a KDF base in Pandanguo like the government had earlier requested.Its for the greater good of Lamu.I will personally do all I can to ensure insecurity becomes just a distant memory for Lamu.I will allow the government to do their bit in ensuring the security of my people and not like my predecessor who frustrated everything,”said Twaha.

Twaha of JP floored the incumbent Issa Timamy of ANC by garnering 22,969 votes against Timamy’s 22,420.

The governor elect criticized his predecessor for harboring a weakness to oppose every single development plan in the county by the national government.

He pledged to work with the national government and support their efforts in ensuring security in Lamu is reclaimed.

Lamu has been on the receiving end of the Alshabaab attacks for the last four years and has left hundreds dead,many others nursing lifelong injuries while property worth millions has been destroyed.

Twaha said he would not meddle in the issues of the national government in as far as addressing insecurity is concerned.

He also pledged to unite all communities in the county adding that his predecessor had established tribal lines among the various communities and that as such, people no longer lived like brother and sister and were instead greatly divided.

Twaha also said all his predecessor’s half done projects which aren’t beneficial to the people will be nullified and done away with.

“All communities here in Lamu must unite.My predecessor leaves behind a lot of mess.He divided people so much and now I have the duty to ensure that goes away,”he said.