Go to court! Kiraithe to AFRICOG and KHRC

Government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe at a past media briefing .PHOTO/ FILE

Mombasa,KENYA:Government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe wants NGO’s that have been de-registered by the NGO’s coordination  board over contravening the various  rules governing NGO’s in the country  to move to court if they feel they were wrongly targeted.

While speaking to Baraka FM on phone on Tuesday, Kiraithe termed the claims by the embattled  NGO members that the government was wrongly targeting them as “outrageous”.

“They should first tell you why the relevant board came for them in the first place .The requirements which they violated are very clear” Kiraithe told Baraka FM.

Kiarithe further urged the NGO’s to seek legal redress over the dispute.

“Let them go to court , the courts will solve that,” Kiraithe added.

Earlier board members of the Kenyan Human Rights commission had accused the NGO coordination board executive director Fazul Mohamed who de-registered the NGO on Monday, over alleged reluctance to file statutory taxes , employment of expatriates without valid work permits , operations of illegal accounts among other alleged offences of abuse of office because he enjoyed political support .

“Let us take a moment to reflect on our supposed accuser Mr Fazul Mohammed:He continues to invoke  powers his office has never possessed and purports to instruct other state agencies  such as the Kenya revenue authority  and  the central bank  to execute his unconstitutional directives” KHRC executive director  George Kerongo told reporters at a briefing in Nairobi.

Activist Maina Kiai termed the timing of the de-registration as questionable citing KHRC rejection of the presidential results.

Kiraithe’s remarks  comes a few hours after Fazul Mohamed called for the arrest, closing operations and freezing of accounts of another NGO the African Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG) for allegedly operating in the country without being registered.

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