New criminal gangs emerge in Mombasa


Mombasa, KENYA: Security agencies in Kisauni,Mombasa have been put on high alert following the re-emergence of a new terror gangs planning to cause havoc in town, this is according to the police.

The new gangs going by the name forest brigade and gaza brigade  police say have pledged allegiance to deadliest gang of wakaliwao and waakalikwanza.

According to security officials, the gang members are armed with crude weapons and are being financed by some of the politicians.

Kisauni police boss Christopher Rotich confirmed that police were investigating those behind the criminal gang.

The police boss on Monday told Baraka FM that the gang has been moving around the area harassing locals. He also said that some of the gang members have been conducting criminal activities .

“The new gang members is calling itself forest brigade and gaza brigade. We believe they are just branding themselves but it is the same group which have been terrorizing residents,we are doing all what it takes to make sure there is peace in the area,” said mr Rotich.

At least three people have been hacked to death in the area by suspected members, after they refused to give them money.

On Wednesday, over 200 suspected members of the outlawed group clashed with bodaboda riders in Kisauni –Mshomoroni area after one of their member was killed by bodaboda riders.

The suspects had started harassing the bodaboda riders by collecting money from them,but this move did not go well with the riders.

According to bodaboda riders,one had to contribute sh 10 in some of the routes the members were operating.

“We saw this was being extended to other areas. The suspects would collect the money in the name of doing repair in some of the roads we ply but this was one way of extorting us the money,” said Rashid one of the bodaboda riders.

Police boss said 32 suspects were later arrested and they were armed with crude weapons.