Illegal firearms dangerous for electioneering period, say women aspirants


Nairobi, KENYA: Women aspirants from different parties in Nairobi have urged the government to move with speed and curb the use of  illegal firearms menace in the informal sectors in various towns across the country.

Speaking in Nairobi on Thursday, Imara Daima ward Ford Kenya aspirant Jackline Mutere ,said that there is need for the government to curb the vice which she termed as detrimental to the country during this electioneering period.

“There is an element of insecurity especially in informal settlements if the government wont intervene ,so there is need for police to move in as early as possible to avert any escalation of  us of such firearms,” Mutere said.

Mutere also raised concerns of intimidation especially from their male opponents which they say hamper their campaign trails.

She warned that such intimidation against women has been escalating since party nominations ,indicating that if the relevant agencies will not intervene ,such scenarios will pose danger to the candidates.

On the other hand ,Youth Agenda CEO Susan Mwongela urged the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and other government agencies to intervene over removal of candidates’ banners and posters incidences she said goes against the electoral code of conduct.

She pointed that such acts will affect the number of women who will be elected into parliament thus reducing 2/3 gender rule burden , which has been hard for the parliament to attain a hurdle attaining in parliament.