Government urged to resolve ongoing strikes

A Kenyan health worker striking in December 2016.Health workers have accused the ministry of planning to kick out the director general throuh the health amendment bill PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:Accountants body Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) has called upon the government and stakeholders in the public sector to sit in a negotiation table in order to bring to an end the on going nationwide strikes.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Friday the CPA Makokha Wanjala, a training and development manager at the Institute said the rights of the Kenyan worker are protected by the Kenyan law insisting that workers have a right to go on strike in case their demands are not met by their employers.

The auditor said that the institute is concerned with the welfare of the workers and therefore urged the parties involved to come together and find a permanent solution to the problem.

“The rights of all Kenyan workers are protected by the highest law of the land, and workers have every right to go on strike in case their demands are not met by their employer. The institute is concerned with the welfare of workers and I believe a permanent solution is what is required.”  The auditor said.

He however said that the foundation of the nation based on the socio economic and political fabric woven by Kenyan themselves and therefore urged all the stakeholders including corporate leaders and employers to bring in auditors  taking into consideration that the money comes from the Kenyan taxpayer.

He noted that public auditors have full information on what goes into the budget basket annually as collected by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

On the other hand accountant David Mwangi from the Ministry of Devolution and Planning urged the Salaries and Remuneration Commission Chairperson to sit together with striking workers and find a lasting solution.

He said said the strikes experienced throughout the country have ended up paralyzing the country’s economy thereby lowering the .

“I urge the salaries and remuneration commission should sit down with striking workers and find a permanent solution. Strikes paralyse the countries economy thereby lowering the country’s GDP.” He said.

At the same time, Michael Mwenda an internal auditor from the Kenya Industrial Estate (KIE) said it is a usual habit by Kenyans to wait for the impacts of every activity that affects the general citizenry.

He pointed out that Kenyan employers should focus on the welfare of workers as every worker is entitled to a good pay.

“Kenyans have a habit of waiting for consequences. However the Kenyan employer should take into consideration the welfare of his/her worker.” Mwenda said.