Lusaka and Wangamati face IEBC over breach of election rules

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka (left) and his opponent Businessman and Bungoma gubernatorial seat aspirant Wycliffe Wangamati. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Bungoma governor Ken Lusaka alongside his opponent Wycliffe Wangamati of Ford Kenya on Wednesday faced the IEBC committee of  dispute resolution over breach of election rules.

The two found themselves in hard situation while explaining to the committee, on what transpired during the campaign trail that resulted to the death of one person in Bungoma county.

Bungoma governor Ken Lusaka defended his followers by accusing Wangamati counterparts as the main cause of the chaos and destruction of properties during the campaigns in the county.

Incumbent Governor Lusaka who is vying for the gubernatorial seat on a Jubilee ticket, proclaimed himself as a peaceful person who doesn’t entertain any form of violence, urging the committee to be a helping hand in providing more security personnel to him during this campaign period.

“We were very peaceful right from prayers until when we got to Bungoma town in Posta grounds that the opponent started attacking us from behind.” Lusaka alluded.

On the other hand, his opponent Wycliffe Wangamati, accused governor Lusaka followers, pointing that they were carrying sticks during the rally, an indication that they were ready for the confrontation of any manner during the event.

“The youths had sticks on their hands, a very clear indication that they wanted a fight,” Wangamati noted.

Wangamati noted that the deputy governor guard of Bungoma, while trying to disperse the crowd, shot the deceased , allegations the committee warned him against ,citing that the matter is still in police.

The committee scheduled to give a verdict on Thursday this week regarding the matter.