KADU Asili aspirants promise to prioritize development

Former Labour and social services CS Kazungu Kambi PHOTO COURTESY

Kilifi,KENYA:Kadu Asili party aspirants have vowed to prioritize infrastructure on their first year of administration in  the Kilifi County Government.

Speaking in the heart of Kilifi County on Wednesday, the aspirants for various political positions and their leaders said Kilifi has been experiencing bad infrastructure since independence in 1963 accusing the sitting Kingi’s Government to be louse on the issue for the past four five years.

The party’s gubernatorial candidate Kazungu Kambi in the accompaniment of Senate candidate Lucas Maitha, Kilifi North aspirant Pascal Maitha and Women Representative Witness Tsuma said his administration will construct 300 kilometers of roads in their first year in office if elected.

He said the construction of the road will be milestone in addressing infrastructure development aimed at attracting investors to the county.

“Roads are a key pillar to the growth of the County’s and Country’s economy as a whole,” said Kambi.

“As a result, my government will ensure to prioritize it for the benefit of the people of this county and investors,” added Kambi.

Kambi said the county annually receives in the region of Ksh. 2 billion for the construction of roads from the national government which the incumbent governor has not been utilizing the funds appropriately.

Moreover, Kambi said his government will come up with policies that attract investors to the county eyeing the natural resources the county is reach in for development of the region.

“We shall also set aside funds to assist the elderly besides producing a conducive environment for small and medium enterprises to run their errands in the county,” added Kambi.

Lucas Maitha said there government would waive all the permits fees and other taxes that the current administration collects from motor vehicles and motorcycle operators in the county.

“The county collects a lot of revenue from boda boda operators yet they are currently struggling with the current high inflation rates. The only reprieve you can give to them is by waiving the taxes they pay for one year to enable them save,” said Lucas.

Tsuma said the incumbent Women Representative Aisha Jumwa had failed to utilize the sh 47 million Affirmative Funds kitty she gets every year and hence she was best fit to address the challenges the women and youths in Kilifi face.