4 suspected members of Wakali kwanza gang gunned down in Mombasa


Mombasa,KENYA:Police in Mombasa have gunned down four members suspected to be leaders of Wakali      kwanza criminal gang,in  separate  shootings.

The  suspects were killed in Mshomoroni in  Kisauni sub-county Wednesday night.

Police arrested two suspects and seized several machetes and rolls of bhang from the suspects.

In the first incident, a suspect said to be leader of six  gang member was gunned down in one of the rooms where they  had been residing in Mshomoroni. Police said four members were hiding in the room before they  laid ambush.

One of the suspects gunned down had tried to attack a police officer with a machete.

Kisauni police chief Christopher Rotich said the suspect shot  had defied  police orders to surrender prompting police to shoot him.

“A special police team who  had been trailing the suspects storm the house where the suspects were hiding,they suspects realized police  had surrounded their room and that’s when they armed themselves and tried to attack the police officer,”said police boss.

Another suspect was  gunned down in Mbongoni area of Mshomoroni .The suspect according to police had been terrorizing residents and robbing them of their valuables.

The police boss said his officers were acting on a tip off from public.

A third  one was attacked and slashed to death by members of public.Police said the 18-year-old suspect was cornered and arrested by members off the  public before  they used his machete to kill him.

“The other one  were killed in Mbongoni area after the residents raised alarm over robbery and attacks incidences,the two were shot dead  at around 10 pm,”said police chief.

The fourth suspect was gunned down in Junda area on  Thursday at around 7 am morning.

The suspect said to be part of the criminal gang had robbed a resident and tried to escaped.

“The person robbed raised alarm, incidentally police who were still in patrol  ambushed  the suspect and shot him dead,”added  the police chief.

He said the bodies have been taken to the  Coast general mortuary for postmortem and identification.

He further warned other criminal members to surrender to security authorities before the law caught up with them.