Khaligraph Jones slams rappers over bleaching allegations


Kenyan rapper Khaligraph jones whose real names are Brian Ouko Omollo who has been trending in the past few days over allegations of him bleaching his skin.

In a Facebook post on his private Facebook account,  he has denied bleaching his skin and told off the rappers to continue being his audience once they are done bashing him.

“Mkimaliza kuyap juu ya izo bleaching allegations, sana sana Nyinyi Rappers, murudi kwa Kiwanja Muendelee kupata ile Kichapo mmezoea kupewa na the OG,,

Kwani mara yangu ya kwanza Kuvaa Blazer mlikua mnataka nikae na sura imeparara kwa National TV, next interview Mtaona msee wa green apo mfikirie ni hulk,,
Official East Africa Belaire ambassador
Redbull kenya Ambassador
Coke Studio 2017, etc etc, mazishi ni ile ile”

(When you are done yapping over the bleaching allegations especially you rappers go back to the arena and wait for your dose of the bashing  from the OG as usual (sic)is it my first time to wear a blazer  or you didn’t want me well groomed on national tv,Next time I wil come in green like Hulk.)

Khaligraph Jones who caused a stir after photos of his complexion looking light skinned surfaced has denied the bleaching allegations .