Jaguar vows not to negotiate with Kamanda

Singer Jaguar PHOTO FILE

Singer and Starehe legislative aspirant Charles Kanyi Njagua aka Jaguar has vowed not to negotiate with the Incumbent Maina Kamanda a few days after breaking down at the Jubilee party offices on Thika road over alleged rigging of his votes during the Jubilee party primaries.

In a message posted on his instagram account, the singer has vowed not to negotiate his consensus.

“The verdict for the Starehe nominations will be read tomorrow by 5pm. As I promised earlier I will not negotiate any consensus. I thank my supporters who woke up early stood in line to vote for the much needed change in Starehe. I will be headed to Jubilee house ahead of the verdict tomorrow afternoon. Let’s meet there to show support and equally celebrate our victory. I trust jubilee will rule in our favor. God is on our side, no one will stand against us.” Jaguar wrote on Instagram.

It is alleged that Jaguar was taking a lead when a ballot box stuffed with ballot papers arrived at the polling station to give Kamanda a miraculous win.

However Maina Kamanda has accused Jubilee party secretary general Raphael Tuju of meddling in the affairs of Starehe constituency.