Deforestation major cause of land degradation in Kinango, warn conservationists


Kwale, KENYA: Environmental bodies in Kwale County have urged residents of Kinango area to cease from cutting down trees for burning charcoal.

Rabecca Runya an officer from WWF – Kwale  on Monday told Baraka FM that continuous deforestation in Kinango has led to land degradation during rainy seasons leading to soil erosion.

“There is a lot activity of cutting down the trees and charcoal burning, this means that areas in Kinango will not have tress and that why we are afraid that if there is no clear policy over the matters then it will bring problems in our efforts of conserving the environment.” She said.

Runya added that alot of residents are  cutting tress in semi – arid areas in Kinango, targeting specific indigenous species of trees.

Now WWF – Kwale is recommending for the strict regulation and control of charcoal production by following the proper procedures.

Residents are being encouraged to plant fast growing and drought resistant tress for charcoal production and promoting of alternative livelihoods for the local community such as bee keeping and aloe vera farming.