Wasafi singer denies having an affair with top Kenyan socialite

Wasafi singer Rayvanny

Wasafi crooner Rayvanny has denied that he ever had an affair with leading Kenyan socialite and Nairobi diaries actress Mishi Dora.

In a interview with Tanzania’s global publishers, the singer whose Tanzanian girlfriend is expecting her first child has said that Mishi is just out to malign her name adding that he had been warned about the socialite before he came to Kenya.

“I don’t want to talk about this woman at all, because as I can see her plan is to ruin my name. There is a time I came to Kenya and I was told about her, again back home the story is the same. I have nothing to say because if someone decides to ruin your name you can say nothing about it.”

Nairobi diaries socialite,Mishi Dora PHOTO COURTESY
Nairobi diaries socialite,Mishi Dora PHOTO COURTESY


The socialite has been throwing shade at Rayvanny who is 3 years her junior claiming that he disowned her expectant girlfriend and is disowning her despite having a short term relationship with her.

The socialite has further threatened to expose Rayvanny should he continue disowning her. Rayvanny shot to fame last year after he released his hit single “Kwetu” and later collaborated with Diamond Platinumz in the hit single ‘Salome’.