Forty thieves cleared from list of clubs running immoral activities


Kwale,KENYA:Forty thieves club has refuted allegations raised by the Kenya Film Classification Board  earlier this year, that it is running immoral activities, saying that they were baseless.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Tuesday the club’s boss George Barbour said  the allegations have no evidence, since his club does not run such kind of business.

In the publication made on 24th January 2017, the Kenya Film Classification Board regional Chairman Bonaventure Kioko claimed that so many night clubs operating in South Coast especially in Ukunda run activities such as striping, filming pornographic videos in which all under age kids were mentioned to be involved.

He mentioned the famous Forty thieves club in Diani as being among the clubs that run such activities.

Barbour refuted saying that Kioko has never been to his club and relating it to sex tourism and striping is tarnishing his business.

“Kioko has never even set a foot in this club. He has never been denied access to this club, when I called him to know why he published such allegations he told me he did it because he was denied acces to my club,” Barbour noted.

Meanwhile, Mr Kioko issued a report to the media on Thursday last week changing his statement concerning the club that it is not among the clubs targeted by the KFCB to be closed.

He further promised to give a list of the clubs suspected to be involved in running the immoral business in Diani Kwale County.

Angela Chitata, George Barbour’s partner said that the club is not running any illegal activity and she did not expect a high ranked government officer to give false report to the media concerning the club.

“I did not expect somebody like Kioko, a high ranked government officer to publish lies, the community is depending on him to build it, he has to clear our name,”  she said.

Kioko is alleged to have given the false report as a revenge  after he visited the club some times back where he refused to alight from his car for security check, hence being denied entry.

“We did not know that a person like Kioko was denied to get into this club, we don’t allow vehicles inside this club, the vehicles are parked outside the gate.” Said Angella.


Kwale county commissioner Kutswa Olaka had earlier warned Mr. Kioko not to shut down any club before collecting enough evidence.

“They must investigate properly before arresting any suspect and also hold all investigations. My office will not hesitate to offer any assistance if all that is met.” Olaka concluded.

This comes at a time when forty thieves club was ranked position 17 among the best 20 clubs worldwide.

It has also been running the touch rugby competitions every July each year, where more than 42 teams worldwide come to participate.